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The Pleasure of Taking a Bath

June 2014, Pat Krushen

A warm bath is one of the most relaxing, pleasurable experiences that the day can offer. The cares of the day and the aches and the pains that ensued seem to fade away. Unfortunately, for many seniors and others with limited mobility, the simple act of bathing is riddled with the fear of falling.

In 2013, one in three seniors experienced a fall and 80% of those falls occurred in the bathroom. Failing eyesight and reflexes as well as balance issues posed by diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions and various medications, a make bathrooms dangerous.

A fall can lead to death, long term hospitalization, dependence and eventually long term care. It is often the beginning of a downward spiral that cannot be stopped. Most often, fall-related fractures are in the person's hip, pelvis, spine, arm, hand, or ankle.

Hip fractures are considered one of the most debilitating among older adults. Formerly healthy, independent older adults who are hospitalized for a broken hip often cannot return to independent living.

A walk in bathtub is one of the best investments in ensuring healthy independence at home. However, while safety is the ultimate purpose, walk in bathtubs offer much more. Beautiful to look at and a luxurious addition to the bathroom, the walk in bathtub also offers healing hydrotherapy using therapeutic air and water jets. Similar to having a personal spa, hydrotherapy improves circulation, decreases joint pain and speeds the natural healing processes of the body.

The walk in bathtub provides everything that a traditional bathtub once did and more. With styles that vary from traditional looking tubs with an accessible door, to upright models of various sizes, the walk in bathtub offers style and safety. Options include built-in whirlpool jets located where they will massage sore backs, legs, arms and other areas where pain relief is needed. The walk in bathtub has become a place to relax.

The walk in bathtub has revolutionized the bathtub industry. It’s time to revolutionize the way you bathe. Enjoy the pleasure of taking a bath. Be safe, relax and enjoy.

How I Chose my Walk in Bathtub

June 2014, Pat Krushen

Being a senior and having some issues with mobility I began my research regarding walk in bathtubs about a year ago. I scoured websites for information and there was no lack thereof. I watched television ads that made life look very easy as long as you had a walk in bathtub. I made inquiries through phone calls and even had two very high pressured salespeople come to my doorstep to give me a quote.

I learned that there is not only a huge selection of walk in bathtubs on the market, but also that many companies market the same bathtub under a variety of names. First you need to consider the door opening in your bathroom. Some walks in bathtubs are so large that the door frame must be removed or even more extensive renovations need to be done in order to install the bathtub in your bathroom. Some will fit in the space occupied by your existing bathtub and some will not due to size. There are doors that swing inward and doors that swing outward and depending on the size and configuration of your existing bathroom, you may need to choose an inward swing over and outward swing. The size of the door too varies and that may make it more difficult or easier to exit and enter.

One big consideration for me was the height of the step in order to get into the bathtub. It was interesting to see how many manufacturers and retailers had absolutely forgotten this detail. People who have limited mobility usually cannot lift their feet too high. Lifting my feet over an eight or nine inch step defeated the purpose of the tub…I could not get into it all.

I found several tubs that were strong contenders and then I had to ask a few more questions. If I were to purchase a larger tub, would my hot water heater allow me to fill the tub before the water got cold….and if so, how long would it take to fill the tub while I sit there and shiver as I wait. You need to look for models that have a very high fill rate (around 18 gallons/minute) and a 2” drain rather than a small 1.5” drain so that the tub will also drain quickly. I also wanted to know if my tub could double as a shower. Some models only come with a hand-held shower and in order to stand up to shower, I would need to replace the existing faucet with faucet that could be installed on the wall to allow its use while standing.

Should I choose a soaker tub or a jetted warm air massage hydro-therapy tub? The soaker tub would be less money but I think the warm air massage would be good for my arthritis…almost like having a personal hot tub.

At one point I had so many unanswered questions that I thought I would never be able to make a wise decision. At the end of my diligent research I did find a walk in bathtub company that provided answers to my questions and explained things thoroughly. The bathtub arrived and I could hardly wait to have it installed. Because I had done my research the installation went smoothly; and I am very happy with my new walk in bathtub.

Will the Real Safety Bath Please Stand Up?

June 2014, Pat Krushen

It all began 20 years ago in a little Saskatchewan town with the need for an aging dad to bath safely, with dignity.

Since that time, the walk in bathtub has gained steady popularity, fueled by the aging population. We are bombarded online with names like Premier Bath, Safe Step, SafetyTubs, Carefree Bathing, Aquasure, Sure-Fit, Rane, American Standard, Best Bath and many more, whether they be manufacturers or distributors, each capitalizing on the need for persons with limited mobility to bath safely. Each company has a variety of models and a variety of senior spokespersons including Ed McMahon, Pat Boone, and Michael Learned.

Throughout it all, the original inventor of the walk-in tubs, Safety Bath, has continued to develop innovative products to enable accessible bathing with minimal renovations and lower cost, from small footprint bathtubs for tight spaces, inward or outward swing doors, all-in-one tub and shower units, wide door bathtubs and bathtub door inserts.

Today Safety Bath remains an industry leader with the widest selection of quality accessible bathing solutions on the market, designed to offer the perfect fit for every application as well as budget, still bearing in mind the needs of the end user, just as did the original walk in bathtub. All Safety Bath bathtubs are either manufactured or assembled in Canada, ready to be installed across North America! So... will the real Safety Bath please stand up? It already has...for over 20 years!

Solving the Acute Hospital Bed Crisis with a Walk in Bathtub

May 2014, Pat Krushen

A recurrent theme of newscasts in 2014 has been the misuse of acute care beds in hospitals where large numbers of patients are waiting in hospitals for alternative care placement, whether that be Long Term Care residency, or returning the patient to their own home where they can be assisted by Home Care, a spouse, family or friend. Many of these people are seniors who would love to return to their own homes if only they could.

Rather than the government paying extra money to build and staff new long term care centers, it is more economical to assist residents with staying in their own home, which is ultimately where they want to be. If we could all age in place or age at home, we would be happier, yet we seem to defy all the efforts being made to help us to do so. We do not eat wisely, we do not exercise and we certainly are not anxious to ready our homes to help us to live comfortably as we enter our senior years.

Brightly lit pathways, non-slip flooring and lever handles instead of door knobs are good and simple solutions, but the most dangerous room in the house is still the bathroom. The installation of a walk in bathtub could be the greatest solution to independent living today and in the years to come. No one ideally wants to be bathed by someone else. Independent bathing is the last remaining source of dignity and independence we will have. With so many beautiful walk in bathtubs now on the market, it is a safe and wise investment. Preventing accidents will not only keep you at home longer but free up valuable spaces in Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities. With 1000 people turning age 65 EVERY DAY in Canada, surely the demand for acute care beds in Long Term Care facilities will increase. By safe guarding your own home with safety devices including accessible bathing solutions, you have taken the first step to aging in place with SAFETY!

Assessing your Personal Needs Before Choosing a Walk in Bathtub

April 2014, Pat Krushen

Before choosing a walk in bathtub it is wise to think of your own personal needs. A walk in tub is not for everyone. Walk in bathtubs are not recommended for people who are wheelchair bound and cannot transfer. People with dementia or Alzheimer’s should never be left alone in a bathtub.

However, the walk in bathtub can serve a very useful purpose if you have trouble lifting your legs over the wall of a bathtub. You will appreciate how easy it is to step into the bathtub, especially those tubs that have a small threshold over which to step.

If you live alone and are perfectly capable of bathing on your own but fear slipping and falling when no one is around to help you, you will find that a walk in bathtub is safer and more comfortable than a regular bathtub.

If someone comes in to help you bathe, a walk in bathtub offers dignity and privacy. Because you are sitting waist deep in water, you will feel less exposed.

If you have arthritis or joint pain, the walk in bathtub offers hydrotherapy to soothe aching muscles and joints and relax the body. It is like having a one person spa in your bathroom.

If you like to shower as well as bathe but sometimes find yourself feeling a bit weak and out of balance and needing a place to sit down, a walk in bathtub lends itself to both showering and bathing. Most have hand held showers.

If you choose to only shower you might want to investigate low entry showers. Most will fit into a standard bathtub space and come with seats molded into the shower itself.

Conversion kits are also available which will create a door in your exiting bathtub so that you can enter and exit with little leg effort. A seat is also provided. There are some cut out kits on the market which will create an opening in the wall of the bathtub, however, without a door, this only serves to make a step thru shower out of your tub. The Conversion kits permit the bathtub to be filled after the door is closed. If you are enjoying life in your own home and want to keep it that way, a walk in bathtub may be the perfect choice for you.

One company, Safety Bath Walk-in Tubs, offers the widest selection of quality Accessible Bathing Solutions available with the perfect fit for every application.